Las vegas call girls tips for vaginal soreness after intercourse

Everybody wants a pleasurable sexual experience but that’s not true in every case. Some people think sex is supposed to be a pleasurable but pain-free act but sometimes there is some level of discomfort or vaginal soreness after intercourse, it does not mean that you need to experience pain in the future.

There are some tips recommended by las vegas call girls that you can follow and get relief from vaginal soreness after intercourse.

These tips will help you in getting rid of painful sexual experience and soreness:-

  • Use proper lubrication:- A common reason for vaginal soreness after intercourse is a lack of proper lubrication during sex. Improper lubrication or using lubrication that not suits your skin cause friction on the skin of the vagina which results in tiny tears that can cause soreness and pain. Escorts recommend the application of alcohol-free skin-soothing lubrication before and after sex to reduce friction and soreness.


  • Avoid rough or superfast sex:- Superfast or rough sex is fun and some people enjoy it but too much rough sex causes high friction which damages your vagina wall resulting in soreness and pain. Escorts recommend to use foreplay and stimulation acts before intercourse as they give vagina time to get ready for penetration and always start slow and gently, then you can transit into faster and rough intercourse.


  • Check your sensitivity to latex:- Some people in this world struggle with latex sensitivity, if you use proper lubrication, use stimulation and playful acts but still get irritation, use of latex condoms can be the reason for irritation in your vagina. Escorts recommend using latex-free female condoms or polyurethane condoms in the future, and using of ice bags for cooling effect after intercourse to reduce soreness.


  • Avoid sex during infections:- If you experience more pain then normal during intercourse like burning, irritation, itching, then that may be due to infection. Escorts recommend avoiding intercourse during infection and following a proper care routine like maintaining proper PH balance of your vagina, using cold clothes on the uvula, and consulting to your gynecologist for future care tips.


  • Get medical checkups if you have any medical condition:- If you have any medical condition like Endometriosis, Veganism’s, PID, etc. Then you should get proper medical checkups’ and treatment as according to escort, intercourse during any of these medical conditions can cause high vaginal soreness and irritation.


  • Go slow and use mental stimulation before penetration:- Going slow and gentle in starting and having a fun, playful, intercourse relax vagina and expands it for deeper penetration. Las vegas call girls highly recommend using foreplay and oral playful acts in starting for a better and pain-free, pleasurable sexual experience.


In conclusion, using proper techniques and methods you can reduce vaginal soreness after intercourse.