Surprising Truths About Sex After Pregnancy

According to moms and vegas escorts, having a baby can change your whole life, your whole body changes and the things that get affected include your sex life. Giving birth changes you physically and mentally.

Vegas escorts says Sex after pregnancy feels different and comes with its perks and precautions. There are several Surprising truths about pregnancy shared by Escorts

Here are some truths about sex after pregnancy


  • You have to wait 5-7 weeks:- After childbirth, you have to wait at least 5 weeks to start having sex. As after pregnancy, vagina need time to recover from that stretch and cervix need time to fix. It takes 5-7 weeks to get vagina ready for sex as, in that time, all injuries, tears, cuts get healed.


  • Sex becomes painful:- Due to dryness in the vagina after pregnancy occurs because of low estrogen levels, having sex becomes a painful act as there is no lubrication in the vagina which causes tears and irritation resulting in high pain while having sex.


  • Sex feels different:- Pregnancy makes the vagina wide and lowers the cervix. The feeling you get while having sex before completely changes. Pregnancy changes the sensations which in result require a change in old, tried positions of sex you used to like. Now you might need to find new positions and have to use vibrating toys and tools for sex.


  • Prepare for a different orgasm:- Pregnancy changes the body of a female and it affects the quality of orgasm she might feel, the sensations become different, although they return to normal it takes time.


  • Libido declines with pregnancy:- The biggest change that pregnancy makes is the hibernation or loss of libido for some time. After pregnancy, your hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, and other factors result in the loss of your sex drive.


  • The Breast becomes non-touchable:- After pregnancy, the mother needs to regularly breastfeed their babies which makes nipples cracked and breasts tired. This affects the sex as now breast becomes a no-touch zone for some time which decreases the fun and pleasure of sex.


  • You need birth controls:- After pregnancy, even you don’t have your periods but the ovulation process still work and the chances of getting egg fertilized after pregnancy are very high. While breastfeeding, you still have the chance to get pregnant. The best option during that period is to use birth control options like condoms, diaphragms or IUD which can be placed right after delivery during the post-pregnancy checkup.
  • Prepare for some leakage:- During sex, after pregnancy has its Leakage is one of them, if you are breastfeeding, there are high chances that while having sex oxytocin, is released which let the milk down from breasts thus during sex nipples can leak milk. These are the surprising truth or facts about sex after pregnancy.

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