Biggest Food Trend Predictions For 2021 & Beyond

One of the biggest changes to come to the food industry in the coming years is the increasing emphasis on sustainability. COVID-19 is a severe case of vitamin D deficiency that has already affected the human immune system. This condition has also affected food production and consumption, and has accelerated the change. This has led to many of today’s leading edge food trends being accelerated.

Another big trend to expect in the coming years is the continued popularity of fats. Last year, there were more innovations involving flavored compound butters, in-store hydroponic farms, and plant-based coatings called Apeel(tm). And while everything in moderation still reigns supreme, we can expect that the ‘Everything in Moderation’ philosophy will make a comeback. In addition to the ‘Everything in Moderation’ food philosophy, we’ll see a resurgence in the 50/50 approach to dietary intake.

The trend towards meat-free and vegan diets will also continue to be popular. Earlier this decade, hummus was the biggest food trend, which was quickly followed by aquafaba (the chickpea soaking water) and quinoa flour. This year, we’ll see more products made from these ingredients. And we’ll see more plant-based protein versus animal-based protein.

The trend for more sophisticated desserts is also expected. These will be more complex with bitter and salty elements, combining milk and chocolate with ginger. The ‘Everything in Moderation’ food philosophy is also expected to be a strong contender. For instance, in the near future, people will want more comfort foods and more celebratory fare. And there will be more opportunities for individualized tasting menus for smaller groups.

Ghosting restaurants: This is a new trend in restaurants. A ghost restaurant is a restaurant that does not serve customers. The ghost kitchens are often ghost-like and can be extremely dangerous for consumers. For this reason, the best food trend predictions for the next couple of decades are to avoid COVID-19 and eat less processed food. However, we should be careful with these trends.

Ghosting restaurants: This is another big food trend prediction for 2021. A ghost kitchen is a restaurant that doesn’t serve food. These ghost kitchens are often ghost-like, but the ghost doesn’t exist. As a result, these ghosting restaurants are able to remain open, but it doesn’t mean they will be successful. But it is a trend worth watching, because it means that more vegans will be eating more healthily.

In the year 2021, a diet focusing on plant-based foods will remain popular. A new trend that will become popular in the next few years is “eating your favorite restaurant at home.” According to a dietician, the biggest food trends in the United States will include fancy coffee products, more plant-based foods, and even more exotic cuisines. It is even possible to create your own versions of traditional dishes by using innovative ingredients.


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