Let’s say you’ve been playing since the game came out. Lets say you live in the middle of Bumbfuck nowhere and there isn’t a single thing in sight to catch besides pidgey’s and ratticates. Lets say you hate taking a long ass time waiting for an egg to hatch. The fan trick doesn’t work, you don’t own a drone to attach your phone to, and your dog keeps losing the phone you attach to him.

What do you do? You dominate quickly.

  1. First, download nox
    http://en.bignox.com/Nox is an android emulator. Pretty easy to use and the best part is you can set your gps location. We suggest waiting 20 minutes between moving from country to country. You’re unable to do much except hatch eggs until a soft ban is lifted.
  2. Second, Download the pokemon go update here. You’re going to want to load up nox and drag the .apk file to nox.
  3. Use trackers and guides to find out where the pokemon you want is at. Helps when it comes to the first evolutions to level up to bigger guys. Skipplagged is currently one of the only trackers working. The nests page will give you some foresight into where you want to be going for a specific pokemon. Remember that pokemon are sometimes location specific. Water types near water, fire types near farmland and rual areas, Kangastan in australia, Mr. Mime in europe, farfetch’d in asia, etc.

Even though you might be team mystic, instinct, or valor, remember. You’re team SPY first.