Wells Fargo Bank Incites Rage Among “Creative” Community


Wells Fargo, an international banking and financial services holding company has recently released a questionable brochure discouraging teens who pursue careers in theatre (or a career in the arts) and there has been quite a bit of backlash from social media, outraged a their poor choice in words.

The ad depicts two teen, a boy and a girl smiling with the two captions of “A ballerina yesterday. An engineer today” and “An actor yesterday. A botanist today.” If anything the ad is patronizing, and it resulted in instant outrage from the creative community.

The representatives of Wells Fargo have yet to respond to this.

To our understanding, the world is compiled of two types of people: technical thinkers and creative thinkers, both of which in their own respects make this world a better place. There are those who use their left brain and their right brain, and there is nothing wrong with that. Both are necessary when it comes to the refinement of culture. Without creativity there is no inspiration. Without that inspiration there is no catalyst for progression.

This actually brings us back to something that was asked of Andrew W.K. in 2012 which sums it up completely.

Advice Seeker: I’m dating a guy who refuses to give up on his dreams of rock stardom. While it’s admirable in a way, I need a little bit more stability if we’re going to make this work. How can I gently break this to him?

Image result for andrew wkAndrew WK: Don’t you dare say anything to him about giving up his dream. You’re not the right person for him. Never ask someone to give up on their dream just so you can feel more stable. It’s his choice and his choice alone, no matter how ridiculous his dream may seem to you, or to society, or even to himself. Dreams make humans into self-realized individuals. Your only responsibility is to love everything about him, including his dreams. The idea of “making this work” sounds more like a way to make his life more boring and predictable. At worst, it’s a genuine sadistic desire to control someone else because your own life feels out of control — or a cruel need to dominate and break someone’s spirit for the sake of your own peace of mind. Look for stability and peace of mind inside yourself, and not in your relationships or the dreams of others.

In closing, anyone and everyone has the right to pursue any career they feel is right for them. We choose our own paths and strive with passion and that’s what makes it all the more special to us individually. There is no right or wrong path and to say so denies the fact everything in life is in hues and spectrum of color, rather than black and white. Don’t be a fucking asshole.

Edit: Seems that WF now has a response.

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