Musings: Entry 1 – Ego and Personal Beliefs


Musings for the day:
The ego is potentially dangerous, and at the same time it allows us to be certain, self aware, self actualized to whatever values and beliefs we hold onto.

A person can’t impose ideas upon another person or people. It’s in a way harmful. one could only hope that whoever we come contact share the same ideas and gives us the ability to learn from them, and if anything learn from us.

Humility gives that balance. The ability to say “that’s your thing man. I’ve got my thing. Lets leave it at that.” The whole concept of being forced to respect another person’s values that aren’t congruent to yours isn’t necessary. That person may or may have not presented their value to you and any other efforts to impose or be imposed upon is wasted efforts. Say for example: an extremist pseudo spiritual hippy who is convinced their way is the right way, or a right winged conservative who bible bashes, or even a “liberal” who in turn may not even be actually a liberal, given the fact that they reject ideas that arent their own. They are the same.

They’re entitled to their beliefs. They are not entitled to force those ideas on others.

Being militant while hiding behind a holier than thou mentality is hypocritical and dishonest. The need to feel superior through pretense. You can’t be a person “full of wisdom” and impose that subjective idea upon others while at the same time preaching respect or humility.

In summation, if people seek your opinion, then it’s fine. It seems telling them it’s your personal belief is better than telling them its the right or wrong way or an absolute. This is a subjective statement based upon observation. The reality is there is no absolute. Only things that are questioned, debated, and reasoned, and they can always change. This is growth in understanding and seeking true wisdom.

It is always easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them. – ALFRED aDLER