Smash Mouth Releases An EDM Track. World Is Engulfed By Darkness And Hitler Returns.


Just kidding on the title. It’s a bit sunny outside, BUT Smash Mouth really did release an EDM song and its subjective to opinion.

For those of you too young to know what Smash Mouth is… or was.. Smash Mouth is a band from San Jose, California who was popularized by their 1999 release “All Star” which was on the top 40’s around the early 2000’s. Their music couldn’t really be categorized. Were they pop? Were they ska? Were they rock? NOBODY REALLY FUCKING KNOWS.

Alas, this song won’t be in any Shrek movies soon, but… one thing we do know is you’ll either love this song or you’ll hate it. Without further ado…. here’s “Love Is A Soldier”