Awesomely Weird Music Videos (Picked By You)


We’ve put out a post recently on our group page on what they thought were the weirdest music videos they’ve seen, and thanks to the contribution of our viewers, we’ve got it. Check them out below.

Run The Jewels – Meowpurrdy feat. Lil Bub, Maceo, Delonte
This video was shared by Adult Swim, so you know its gonna be good. Hard lyrics and extreme visuals of cat demons and cat angels doing epic battle.

FKA twigs – How’s That
Our buddy at Hook And Tape, Inc. suggested this one. Can only be described as mesmerizing, and almost tantric.

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low
A suspicious looking guy walks into what looks like a ramen house and catches the attention of the patrons. The rest is all dance music magic of weirdness. Oh. And tentacles.

Bockhead – The Music Scene
We recommend an intense use of psychedelics for the viewing of this video. Beautiful, vivid, colorful are just the few adjectives to describe this video.

DYE – Fantasy
A beautifully animated electronic indi music video about the beauty of youth; first kisses, nights by the swimming pool, menstrual cramps, AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT CRAZY ASS WORM PARASITES FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION AND A PORTAL TO WHAT CAN ONLY BE GUESSED AS HELL.

Hot Chip – I Feel Better
Nothing says weird like screaming fan girls and a science experiment exterminating a boy band.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
If you’re familiar with Aphex, you’ll know everything he releases is weird. Goes from psuedo gangster to weird in minutes.

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist
We’re not sure what this music video is about but it’s got a kickin’ trip hop beat, scratching, and pure randomness.

Primus – My Name Is Mud
The people who brought us the South Park theme song also brought some weirdness to their music style as well.

Bonnie Taylor – Total Eclipse Of The Heart
The 80’s did happen, and this song is evidence.

Major Lazer – Bubblebutt
Major Lazer brought us this amazing ass inflation twerk music video. Strange doesn’t even describe it.

Turmion Kätilöt – Verta Ja Lihaa
Alright. So the music mix is one thing to note. You’ve got angry germanic industrial metal playing, with acid techno synths, and drum n bass break beats while the band jams out in gimp suits. This is a strange blend of thrashy and dancy.

Jan Terri – Get Down Goblin
Our punk rock actor buddy (he’s the mohawk dude in this scene of Terminator Genisys) suggested this video. We can see why.

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up
Our buddy, drum n bass producer, DJ Atek suggested this one. Always a goody.

LINDEMANN – Praise Abort
Fronted by Rammstein’s singer, this is a visually confusing mix of metal and uh… self hatred… and pig people.

Bowie and Jagger – Dancing In The Street
This would look odd without music. Actually, we’ve got an example of that here.

What says “dance party” like a glam metal look, horses, and a party scene.

Part Time – No Boys Till Midnight
The puppets in this music video remind us of the 90’s. Its just got that weird theme to it. The music seems to emulate that old school Boy George droning new wave sound.

ME!ME!ME! and Daoko – Teddyloid
Funky, colorful, and cute. This dancy j-pop video is instantly a winner of hearts… and possibly uncomfortable hard ons… until it gets dark with the demons… then turns into dubsteppy first person shooter with blood and violence.

Zlad! – Elektronik Supersonik
Who can forget the italian australian actor Zlad, and his weird music video (featured by Eurovision in the early 2000’s. Crappy green screen, suggestive and confusing lyrics, misconstrued references, and poor translations this is the perfect weirdovideo.

Cheryl Merkowski – Walls Fall Out
Definitely nightmare fuel. We’ll warn you now… Don’t watch if you can get creeped out or sick easily.

Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage
These guys wanted to take us to the gay bar (gay bar gay bar) and they’re also warning us about the high voltage in the taco bell. This is sexy in a weird way.

Caravan Palace – Lone Digger
We are a huge fan of electro swing, and this music video does the genre justice. This video is animated with animals anthromorphised as humans, and definitely deserves to be on this list.

Madonna – Music
This music video opens up with Ali G singing “RIIIDE THE POONANI.” Also another reminder that mtv used to play music videos.

Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin – Rubber Johnny
If you’ve been on the internet for a long while, you’d probably remember seeing this on (before they sucked.) You won’t understand it, and you wont be able to look away.

Renaldo And The Loaf – Songs for Swinging Larvae
Kazoo’s, weird vocals, and overall strange video. No opinions.

Stump – Buffalo
We don’t understand.

Tony Powers – Don’t Nobody Move (This is a Heist)
“This is the VERY rare and long out of print video from Tony Powers that has some of the very first appearances of John Goodman, Peter Reigert, Steven Collins.”

DEVO – Secret Agent Man
Devo hasn’t quite been known for being “normal.” This video is from 1974.

Lovely Little Girls – Corpse Thighs Dancing
“The Most Terrifying and amazing band in chicago right now. Outstanding video” – Commentor

Comment below of you have suggestions we should add.